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Friday, December 13, 2013

The game, a serious matter

Running, jumping rope , climbing trees , build sand castles, among other things, give them a small health and wellness from early childhood . Besides being a fun plan also helps prevent problems associated with physical inactivity and obesity, increasingly frequent aspects .

The outdoor game is considered one of the most important factors of child development , helping to improve skills such as the ability to solve situations , share with others, build confidence and encourage independence.
Certainly , recreation evolve and , in turn , provide new cognitive skills and help strengthen different areas of the body , " it is noteworthy that the experience of going out to the park is unique, because if the boy is 9 years is important to start working your muscle strength, motor skills and flexibility , hence, is suitable to start to climb , climb , climb trunks , "says Joseph Reinhart , deportólogo .
To sum ​​this notion Leicher Morgan - Saxby , play worker and representative of the British Organization Pop Up Adventure Play, who notes that " the factors that lead to the improvement of outdoor play are obtained through places with natural elements such as trees, sand, grass and leaves, among other objects , which provide entertainment. Moreover, it is key that these places are frequented by children of all ages and both sexes , in order to encourage socializing and thus create risk opportunities and challenges , which will lead to a dynamic and comprehensive training . "

parents fearful
This topic is necessary to speak of the fear of parents and caregivers of children from the risks they run if they consider are away from home.
"They have created barriers to communication in small , they are told not to talk to strangers, be wary of people . Certainly the fears and worries that are planted in children generate individual and collective consequences , issues affect attitudes of insecurity and fear , "says Leicher - Saxby .
Also unwittingly parents have tended to raise their children alone at home or under their supervision in a mall , a situation that is related to obesity and physical inactivity.
"However, these situations can be reversed with low-cost actions that can be taken with foundations, professional , community networks that support play in neighborhoods, among others," explains Natalia Velasco , deputy director of Operation Early Childhood Institute Colombian Family Welfare (ICBF ) .

But , there are solutions
The mayors are targeting to children and builders have identified them a target audience. It is essential to have safe places for the free development of recreational activities that promote family game , so determines Ruth Camelo , director of the Corporation Day of the Child ( CRC), who argues that " cities are increasingly prepared to create friendly to children scenarios , because the issue of urbanization prevented they can get away with more freedom to the street. otherwise as in the municipalities and small towns where they have a little more secure scenarios, " he says.

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